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We are working with you on specific research questions and deliver the complete project cycle. We have vast experience in conducting quantitative market research via online panel as well as conducting face to face interviews with focus groups.


Profiling youth audiences is the cornerstone of our research history. We analyse the psychographics and passion points of your audience. You receive a rich structural analysis for a better understanding of which marketing channels they use, how to speak to them more effectively and the content which is most appealing to them.


Systematic feedback & satisfaction surveys measure the impact of your campaign before or after the launch of new products. You receive fact based evidence of the drivers behind market success and recommendations for future activities.


Implicit & explicit research methodologies allow to position your brand more effectively against your competitor. We are doing so by applying the right technique out of various multivariate data analysis methods to make your brand even more powerful.


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Motivational Factors for Pro-Environmental Behaviour

In my last blog post I gave a short introduction to how video games and gamification can be an effective way to engage with consumers and motivate pro-environmental behaviour Using videogames & gamification to promote pro-environmental behaviour in consumers .

What we learnt about the esports audience

DOWNLOAD Blicx Esports Audience Motivations Revealed For esports marketing professionals and video game developers   January 2019 What we learnt about the esports audience   A review from consumer perspective. By Philipp Wagner, Blicx Research Director

Esports Survey Brand Marketing

The survey was launched between January and March 2017 on several dedicated esports blogs. In total 426 brands participated in the survey. 196 endemic brands with esports offerings and 230 non-endemic brands with current esports involvement or interest in esports. 53% of brands have had 1-50 employees, 29% between 50-500 employees and 18% more than […]

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