Blicx Ltd: Video Game Testing & Interactive UX Research Agency

Who We Are.

We specialize in user experiences research through a deep understanding of human behavior.

Our core philosophy revolves around helping to create user-centric digital products that resonate with users on a profound level.

Blicx, we leverage cutting-edge UX research techniques, focusing on unraveling attitudes, biases, and behaviors to drive intuitive, and emotionally resonant digital experiences.

What We Do.

Our Unique Approach:
At the heart of our approach lies an unwavering commitment to human behavior analysis.

We believe that by dissecting user attitudes, understanding cognitive biases, and delving into behavioral patterns, we can decode the intricate map of user interactions.

This understanding enables us to help to develop dynamic, user-centric UX products that not only fulfill functional needs but also create emotional connections.



Our usability testing goes beyond identifying usability issues. We delve deep into user reactions and emotions during testing, providing holistic feedback that guides both functional and emotional improvements.


We design our research methodologies as iterative loops, continuously feeding insights from user behavior back into the design process. This dynamic approach ensures that our products remain in tune with evolving user needs and expectations, creating a harmonious cycle of improvement.



We create rich user personas that go beyond demographics, encompassing psychological traits, goals, and challenges. This psychological profiling helps us align design decisions with real user motivations.



Discover user insights from both angles with our latest UX research methods – employing qualitative depth to uncover motivations and using quantitative breadth to validate trends, ensuring your digital experience resonates on every level.

Contact Us.

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